UROLO-Q - 30-day Supply
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UROLO-Q - 30-day Supply


Traditional Chronic Prostatitis treatments like strong antibiotics are often ineffective and come with dangerous side effects.  UROLO-Q offers an efficacious option for alleviating prostate symptoms associated with chronic prostatitis, CPPS, dysuria, pelvic pain and/or genital discomfort especially for men who have tried prostate supplements and are seeking additional anti-inflammatory support.  UROLO-Q offers time release technology and extra strength anti-inflammatory power. Additionally, for men suffering from symptoms associated with the urinary flow and function often affiliated with BPH, and/or nocturia, UROLO-Q's anti-inflammatory action may provide relief while also promoting general prostate health. 


          ✓    Scientifically proven and recommended by physicians worldwide
          ✓    Time Release Formula
          ✓    Activated Quercetin and Pollen Extract Complex


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