TRIVEREX MD  - 30-day Supply (1 bottle @ $54.95)
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TRIVEREX MD - 30-day Supply (1 bottle @ $54.95)


Triverex MD is an evidence-based nutraceutical specifically formulated with the highest quality of phytotherapeutic agents for men seeking sexual health support or maintenance.*

This proprietary blend of clinically proven all-natural ingredients found in Triverex MD was developed in collaboration with leading authorities on natural urological medical solutions from major medical centers to create a breakthrough male enhancement formula designed to maximize sexual performance without a prescription and with no side effects reported.

A series of natural ingredients are a part of Triverex MD. One chief ingredient is Korean red ginseng, or Panax Ginseng, which has extensive clinical evidence (7 human clinical studies) proving effectiveness in the areas of male sexual health. * Triverex MD uses a superior quality Korean red ginseng that closely matches the active compounds used in the successful clinical trials that is highly potent and clinically proven effective. With a high level of active compounds, this type of ginseng promotes increased vitality and stamina. * Triverex MD also includes powerful phytotherapeutic agents such as Citrulline, Maca, and Epimedium, high-quality natural ingredients that correspond to the active compounds in these scientifically complex plant sources.

More Information

Triverex MD's blend of clinically proven phytotherapeutic ingredients has been specifically designed to support male sexual health and help maximize the sexual experience in 3 ways:

      • Improves libido

      • Increases blood flow to maximize hardness

      • Gives you the stamina needed for a longer, mutually satisfying experience

Frequently Asked Questions About Triverex MD

Q and A by our Consulting Medical Advisory Board

What are the ingredients?

It is a proprietary blend that includes one of the highest qualities of Korean Red Ginseng available in the US market, L-Citrulline, Maca, and Epimedium.

What exactly does it do? How do you feel after you take it?

Triverex MD is formulated to help you target the three main areas of male sexuality: sex drive, blood flow and stamina.

Do I have to take it forever?

No. You can take it as long as you want to, and STOP taking it anytime you want to. However, when you stop taking it, the benefits you've enjoyed will gradually disappear.

Do I need to take it right before I have sex?

No, Triverex MD can be taken any time of the day. Unlike some other male enhancement products, you don't need to take it right before sex in order for it to be effective; in other words, it doesn't have a limited "performance window." If you take Triverex MD every day, you could be ready for sex at any time.

Will it make me bigger?

Triverex MD is designed to help you achieve your own, individual maximum hardness, thickness, and size.

I've tried a lot of other male enhancement products.  They didn't work.  Why should I try this one?

There are human clinical studies on the key active ingredient that back up the performance claims.

How often should I take this?

Triverex MD is meant to be taken every day, like a supplement. And you can take them morning, noon, or night, all at once or spaced out through the day - whenever it's easiest and best for you.

I'm on some prescription medications. Can I safely take this anyway?

If you are taking prescriptions, or any other medications we always recommend that you check with your healthcare professional before taking Triverex MD.

If I am taking Triverex MD, Can I drink alcohol?

Keep in mind that alcohol can slow down your system and have negative effects on your sexual performance. So, if you want to achieve the maximum effect of Triverex MD, we recommend taking Triverex MD with a non-alcoholic beverage.

Should I take it with or without food?

You may take it with or without food. However, everyone is different; if you prefer to take vitamins and supplements with food, we suggest you take that into consideration when including Triverex MD in your daily routine.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known negative side effects reported.

Can I take it with my vitamins?

Yes, you can safely take Triverex MD in combination with your vitamins; however, we always recommend you check with your healthcare professional if you have a concern.

If I stop taking it, will I go back to normal?

Triverex MD wasn't designed to alter your body - just enhance it. So, don't be worried about it having any negative effects once you stop taking it. You will just return to how you were before.

Can I stop for a while and then start up again?

Yes, if you stop taking Triverex MD, you can resume taking Triverex MD any time you want to enjoy its benefits again.


*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If a medical condition exists, see your health care professional.